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Free Resources


i am creating helpful resources for you - please check back often.

i am creating helpful resources for you - please check back often.

 Become the person you want to be.

 “Why do we do this to our selves?  When we have a sore back we go to the Dr.  When we are hungry, we eat.  Why don’t we pay the same attention to our mind and who we are”

Good question asked to me by one of my clients who found success with hypnosis and moved on from a difficult breakup.  

We often don’t think we can change.  We think we are who we are.  With hypnosis, Neurolinguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Councelling techniques I have  learned, I can help you to change any behaviour you would like to change.  Maybe you already do something well and would like to be better at it.  Maybe. you have a presentation coming up and need more confidence, a clear mind and the information to be shared easily and effectively.  Hypnosis can help.

Try some or all of these resources.  Find what works for you and do more of that!!  Become the person you really truely, deep down you want to be.   I’ll bet that person is right there, below the surface, waiting for the opportunity to come out and shine. If you need help with any of this, I am available to help you  however that looks like to you.  Contact me.


Pepsi and chips before bed.  

“Before I began the weight loss hypnosis I knew I needed to make some serious changes to my eating and lifestyle choices. A lifetime of drinking pepsi and chips before bed was my everynight routine.  Sometimes it was other times during the day. When I became diabetic, I had to stop.  A friend recommended hypnosis.  Marie made me comfortable and didn’t tell me I was fat and unhealthy like the other people I tried.  She accepted me for me and worked with my limitations but not taking any excuses either.  

 I am now exercising regularly and improving my diet daily. I don’t need insulin anymore.  Most of all I feel better about my health and better about me.

Dave, factory worker

I’m free!

Ever since I was a little girl I could not be near a dog nevermind play with one.  I had a bad experience and have been terrified ever since.  

One session with Marie and it’s gone!  I am free.  I can even pet a dog.  I am currently looking into adopting a rescue.  

I never thought it was possible.  If you have a fear you want to get over, I highly recommend Marie and New Leaf Hypnosis Centre.  


Corine, retail sales



I need new clothes!

I had heard of hypnosis but was sceptical.  What if she made me cluck like a chicken or something?  I quickly learned that the “helping hypnosis” is not what I had seen on tv and at fundraisers.  

Marie helped me to find out why I eat what I do.  Why do I need to eat like I do.  Stress was a huge part of my problem I found out.  Once I learned to deal with the stress and divert my energy to other places, the weight came off.  I have tools now to deal with stress and I do go for sessions when I start to slip.  I always feel so much better when I leave knowing I am in control of me.

I like how I feel.  I find it easy now to eat  properly.  My clothes are looser now.   I work in an office so I need to buy new clothes!  


Janice, legal secretary

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